Habit of Love


Majid Ali, M.D.

Being Human With a Habit of Love.

One can walk a path of human-ness only with a habit of love. I say so because I know human nature is essentially addictive.

We humans are slaves of our words. The choice is between:

words of love


words of anger and hate.


Here is a short poem from my poetry book entitled Drone Democracy


 Love is to celebrate,

A crystal without creed,

A dew drop without color,

A raven without race.

A flower without faith,

A river without religion.

Love is to be,

A Muslim on Fridays,

A Jew on Saturdays,

A Christian on Sundays,

A Hindu on Mondays,

A Buddhist on Tuesdays.

An agnostic on Wednesdays,

A nobody on Thursdays.

What day,

Makes my day?

Might it be a Thursday?

A day to be a nobody.


A day for,

The language of silence,

The commerce of compassion.

A day to live,

A day to love,

A day to be true,

Giddy on life,

A day to be a nobody.


A day for,

For trancing in every shrine,

Far, far,

From the mind of the malign,

Softly, sublimating,

Into the heart of the Divine.

A day for love,

A love,

That only soul can refine.

On the way to be a nobody.




My poetry book entitled Drone Democracy is available by phone

at      1-212-873-2444

and at http://www.aliacademy.org.



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