Severe Persisting Constipation That Makes Life Miserable

Majid Ali, M.D.

The Integrated Way That Works


The first thing people with chronic constipation persisting for years with multiple failed therapies is to clearly understand their constipation now is not just a matter of colon but also of stomach and small intestine. Their persistent constipation has some or all of the following problems, which cannot be addressed without restoring the health of the entire alimentary tracts:

  1. Overgrowth of fermenting microbes in their colon, as well as small intestine and stomach
  2. Stretching and weakness of the muscles of not only the rectum and colon but also of the stomach and small intestine
  3. Sluggishness of their nerve cells and nerve fibers in the colon
  4. Disruption of the autonomic nervous system that controls the bowel sphincter
  5. Diminished blood supply to the colon, small intestine, and stomach
  6. Frustration at their stomach
  7. Anger at themselves

All of the above should explain to them why common constipation remedies do not work. For them, their constipation is not just a colon problem.

The Integrative Way

The following are the crucial components of the integrative way to severe, persistent, and life-limiting constipation:

  1. Self-compassion
  2. Castor oil rubs over colon and stomach specially and the rest of the abdomen generally
  3. Optimal hydration
  4. Anti-fermentation diet
  5. Anti-fermentation spices and herbs
  6. Digestive enzymes and aloe water
  7. Anti-fermentation Nystatin used juditiously and intermittently
  8. Vegetables with laxative effects (each person has to find their vegetables by trial)
  9. Initial limited use of natural substances (psyllium husks, flaxseed and other fiber)
  10. Natural laxatives: senna tea, cascara, and others
  11. Gentle, gentle rebounding between the above steps
  12. Laxative medications: Dulcolax oral and Dulcolax suppository
  13. Enemas: Fleet’s, common soap and water
  14. Colonics, initially if other measures do not work

Psyllium Husks:  Psyllium husk for fiber. Use Sidhpur brand, available at Indian/Pakistinian stores). Start with one-teaspoon with a cup of water, drink water quickly water. Keep increasing slowly by one teaspoon daily (unless not tolerated) until you reach two tablespoon daily).

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