Oxygen-Lovers Are Losing to Oxygen-Haters, Including Humans

IMajid Ali, M.D.

Toxic Algae Covering oxygen-depleted oceans and lakes worldwide


In 2015,  7,500 square miles of toxic algal bloom washed ashore in Qinedao, China. Suxh toxic bloom is especially dangerous to the nervous system. That was about 35 years after I started writing about the impending victory of oxygen-hating microbes over oxygen-loving animals and people, and over 25 years before I published my oxygen model of aging and oxygen models of disease..

A Menace Afloat

This was a headline of The New York Times on July 19. Fiollowing is the text below it:  “

The stench of decaying algae began rising from coastal waterways in southeastern Florida early this month, shutting down businesses and beaches during a critical tourism season. Officials arrived, surveyed the toxic muck and declared states of emergency in four counties. Residents shook their heads, then their fists, organizing rallies and haranguing local officials..”






Almost exactly a year before the Florida bloom, another stretching 7,500 square miles washed ashore in Qingdao, China, a popular beach destination. Government officials called in hundreds of boats and bulldozers to remove it. The green blob appeared again earlier this month.



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