History of Diabetes

Majid Ali, M.D.

Part of Dr. Ali’s Course on Diabetes – Part One

Major Conttibutors to the knowledge of diabetes – Brief Notes


Josef, Baron von Mering (1849 1908, a German physician who discover (in conjunction with Oskar Minkowski) that the pancreatic produces insulin, a hormone that lowers blood sugar level. He removed a dog’s pancreas and recognized that the dog developped diabetes. Mering also collaborated in the discovery of barbiturates.

Paul Langerhans (1847 – 1888) , a German physiologist and pathpologist who discovered collection of insulin-producing cells called Islet of Langerhans.  He also discovered a type of immune cell in the skin called Langerehans cells or dendritic cell.

Charles Herbert Best (1899 –1978), an American-Canadian scientist c-discovered insulin (along with Canadian Prof. JRR McLeod). Both shared  Nobel Prize for their work.

Sir Frederick Grant Banting  1891 –1941), a Canadian physician, was the first person to use insulin to treat humans. He was awarded Nobel Prize fo his work.

Sir Harold Percival Himsworth (1905 – 1993) was the first doctor to describe two forms of diabetes in a seminal 1936 paper published in the British journal The Lancet.


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