Is Cholesterol Cardiology Safe?

Majid Ali, M.D.

Is your heart safe with your cardiologist? It is a serious question that calls for a serious answer.

Links to 14 videos on the subject are included below.

Yes, your heart is safe with a cardiologist who has the courage to recognize clinical failures and successes, think independent, and act ethically.

No, your heart is not safe with your cardiologist who blindly follows what may be duly designated as “cholesterol cardiology.”

Only One in Seven Trials Trustworthy

Briefly, a 2015 report in the journal Nature (20 August) revealed that the rate of positive effects found in trials of heart disease treatments fell from 57% in trials started before 2000 to just 8% in trials beginning after that year. That was when when the government imposed higher standards for documentation (see details in the text from Nature reproduced at the end of the article).

The problems: Only one of seven pre-2000 trials were trust worthy but cardiologists had no way of separating honest from dishonest trials. Nor can do they do so retrospectively.

Links to Videos of Dr. Ali’s 14-Video Cholesterol Library

1. Three Very Simple Cholesterol Questions

2. In How Many Ways Do Cholesterol Drugs Hurt the Heart

3.  Cholesterol Deception for Life. Really!

4.  Cholesterol Drugs and Brain Function Loss

5.  Nearly 50% Heart Attacks Associated With Low Cholesterol

6.  Cholesterol Drugs or Spices

7.  In How Many Ways Does Cholesterol Protect Muscles

8.  What Does High LDL Cholesterol Mean

9.  Cholesterol Prolongs Life

10.  Eggs Are Great But Times Magazine Does Not Apologize

11.  Cholesterol Deceptions – Eggs Are Great But Times Magazine Does Not Apologize

12.  Cholesterol Drugs Cause Fatigue

13.  Cholesterol Drugs Increase the Risk of Cause Breast Cancer

14.  The Heart- Stomach Connection


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