Healing Bias

Majid Ali, M.D.

Positivity Bias, Self-Compassion Bias, Self-Bias 

The Human Body Cannot Be In Neutral Bias

The human body can be in healing bias, positivity bias, self-compassion bias, self-bias. I coin these terms to give the reader a wide choices.

Or, the human body can be in sickening bias, negativity bias, self-loating bias, or anti-self-bias. But it cannot be in a neutral balance.

Some may dismiss the above statements as cheap plays on words. Doing so will rob the reader of the core of my simple and direct message.

My statements are based on a life-time struggle to learn the energetic-molecular basis of health and disease.

Dr. Ali’s Course on Deep Healing

If the above words perk the interest of the reader, may I suggest my FREE video Course on Deep Healing comprising seven video seminars linked below.

 * Sunbstance of the Soulhttps://vimeo.com/128107240

Seminar 1 Deep Healing Dimensions and the Beginning of Healing Journey https://vimeo.com/123590857

Seminar 2 Deep Healing Fear, Panic, and Anxiety – Control and Prevention


Seminar 3 My Breath Is My Own – I Breathe It Well


Seminar 4 Deep Healing of Sleep Disorders


Seminar 5 Deep Healing Disappointments of Life


Seminar 6 Deep  Healing of Chronic Persistent Illness


Seminar 7 Deep  Healing Depression


Serenity Among Elements


Healing-In-the-Mirror Series – Part 1





Healing-In-the-Mirror Series – Part 2





Healing-In-the-Mirror Series – Part 3






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