Deep Healing Video Course

Majid Ali, M.D.


Dr. Ali’s Course on Deep Healing

If the above words perk the interest of the reader, may I suggest my FREE video Course on Deep Healing comprising seven video seminars linked below.

 * Sunbstance of the Soul

Seminar 1 Deep Healing Dimensions and the Beginning of Healing Journey

Seminar 2 Deep Healing Fear, Panic, and Anxiety – Control and Prevention

Seminar 3 My Breath Is My Own – I Breathe It Well

Seminar 4 Deep Healing of Sleep Disorders

Seminar 5 Deep Healing Disappointments of Life

Seminar 6 Deep  Healing of Chronic Persistent Illness

Seminar 7 Deep  Healing Depression

Serenity Among Elements

Healing-In-the-Mirror Series – Part 1




Healing-In-the-Mirror Series – Part 2




Healing-In-the-Mirror Series – Part 3




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