Advice for Prostate Cancer: Stupid to Stupider!

Majid Ali, M.D

For decades, stupid story of the New York Times promotes unneeded surgery and radiation for prostate cancer. Now the stupider story of the Times is that no one should have prostate cancer treated. Am I seeking cheap thrills here? Read the Times’ story below and decide.

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Consider the following title of the New York Times’ story on prostate cancer on NYT May 25, 2016,

“Latest Trend in Treating Cancer: Don’t.”

This is the stupider version of the Times’ story on prostate cancer. For several decades, the Times’ stupid story was to slavishly parrot the opinions of some urologists who promoted prostate cancer surgery for every type of prostate cancer and for everyone diagnosed with it. Now the Times is telling everyone not to have any surgery for all types of prostate cancer. From stupid to stupider!

I anticipate the challenge to my view from Times’ medical journalists. “But this is what the experts tell us now,” they will scream. “Then we told prostate cancer stories which the experts told us then.” And that is my point.

Journalists are supposed to dig out the truth and then report. They are not supposed to mindlessly repeat distortions and self-serving stories of others. If the Times’ lapdog Joe journalist had done due diligence, experienced pathologist would have told them that there are highly malignant prostate cancer in young men which must be treated aggressively and there are prostate lesions of the elderly men which are diagnosed as cancers but do not behave like cancer. My three associate pathologists and I at Holy Name Medical Center at Teaneck, New Jersey, knew that well in 1974 when I started my work as chief pathologist there.


Next consider the following from the Times’ article: “Seemingly overnight, treatment of men with early-stage prostate cancer has undergone a sea change. Five years ago, nearly all opted for surgery or radiation; now, nearly half are choosing no treatment at all.”

Again, the Times has exposing its ignorance and lapdog Joe-ness. It fails to tell the full story. Not removing early and highly malignant prostate cancers in young men is a monstrous mistake. Many lives would be lost if people were to accept the Times’ new story.

Long live, The Times’ lapdog joe journalists.



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