Majid Ali, M.D.

Things to Know When Breast Cancer Is Diagnosed.

If you panic, you won’t make it.

Science, Philosophy, and Basics of Cancer Treatment


  1. Cancer is an energy problem.
  2. A cancer cell is an oxygen-starved, acid-bloated cell


  1. Your cancer does not determine who you are.T
  2. The outcome of cancer treatment depends most on the individual’s ability to live beyond cancer.


  1. Begin your journey with hope and healing.
  2. Do not unduly delay removal of a removable cancer
  3. Learn and Begin Dr. Ali’s Holistic Oxygen-In-Acids-Out Program
  4. Except when early removable cancers are removed early.

Where Do We Go To for Cancer Information?
Not to The New York Times.
  1. Breast Cancer Death Data Reported by the Times on 15 May, 2016.
    CASES: 249,260 • DEATHS: 40,890 • SURVIVAL: 90%
    If the Times were correct and the survival were really 90%, there would have been 24,926 deaths, not 40,890.

Dr. Ali’s Top Seven for Initial Cancer Diagnosis

  1.   Learn and begin living beyond beyond your cancer. If you panic, the cancer wins. Let the storm of the diagnosis settle before considering the second step.
  2. Learn “if your cancer” is really a cancer.
  3.  Secure a second opinion from a pathologist who is not associated with the pathologist who made the initial diagnosis, before any treatment option is implemented.  Seek second opinion from a physician experienced in the science and philosophy of  treating cancer.  A week or two spent on second opinions will not negatively affect your treatment outcome.
  4. Consult an integrative clinician for boosting the immune system, judge the clinician, not the promises.
  5. Learn and implement slowly a well-informed plan of healing conversations, healing foods, healing readings, healing walks, healing guidance.
  6. Learn how to begin Dr. Ali’s  “InTox” Plan (In for insulin, T for truth, and ox for oxygen.)
  7. Choose your treatment option only after you know your options well.



  1. Living Above Cancer
  2. InTox Healing Living
  3. InTox Healing Conversing
  4. InTox Eating
  5. Prevention of cancer spread.  Prevention: castor (breast, liver, colon)
  6. IBER self exam, Thermography, Mammography, Ultrasound, MRI breast scan, insulin blood test
  7. Seeking Higher Wisdom From My Sky

Seeking Higher Wisdom

  1. My sky is on my side (God, goodness, or the glue that holds us together).
  2. I will know only as much as Divinity as exists within myself.
  3. My breath is my own.
  4. My heart must be kind to me so I can be kind to my mind.
  5. My food must be kind to me so I can be kind to my body.
  6. I will pray for and wish well for people I have not liked (from a distance, if needed).
  7. My good doctors do not know enough to tell me how long I will live.

How Good are Cancer Clinical Trials?

Here is what The New York Times said about cancer trials on May 15, 2016.

“Most clinical trials are failures. But for a handful of patients, a drug proves to be profoundly effective. What can science learn from these exceptional responders?”


Important Articles for More Info on Cancer Diagnosis and Care

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