Dr. Ali’s Breakfast Recipes

Majid Ali, M.D.

Have a Spicy Morning!

I am a “spiceologist.” I just coined the term and that should be sufficient to convince any skeptic that I am passionate about the use of spices for healthful aging, disease prevention, and reversal of chronic diseases.

The best way to start a spicy day is to begin by choosing with one of the spicy breakfasts from among the following:

1 Dr. Ali’s Spicy Yogurt Breakfast

2 Dr. Ali’s Spicy Protein Shake Breakfast

3 Dr. Ali’s Spicy Omelette Breakfast

In developing my recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinners, I keep the following three criteria in mind:

* My recipes should foster healthful aging and reverse chronic diseases;

* Meals prepared with my recipes should not require too much time in prepartion; and

* The meals prepared should be tasteful and easily digestable.

As for the first criteria, my focus is on:

* Prevention of Insulin Toxicity and Metabolic Syndromes

* Weight Loss and Reversal of Obesity

* Prevention of Heart Disease, Stroke, Kidney Failure, and Inflammatory-Immune Disorders

Spices Are Best for Oxygen Detox and Insulin Detox (Insox,  Ins for Insulin and Ox for Oxygen) 

Spices included in my recipes are strong acid-fighters, antioxidants, gut fermentation blockers, blood cleansers, and arresters of pathogenic (disease-causing) inflammation. By their combined healing roles, spices are among the best oxygen-deliverers

Every chronic disease begins with cellular fermentation. Every form of inflammation begins with molecular fermentation. Inflammation is widely misunderstood. No healing is possible with inflammation and no disease can continue without inflammation. Read my article entitled “Inflammation – Of Healing and Sickening Types” for learning this crucial difference.

Dr. Ali’s Start-Low-Build-Slow Principle

In all guidelines for natural remedies for preserving health and reversing chronic diseases, I strongly advise readers to follow my Start-Low-Build-Slow Principle. Simply stated, this principle requires that an individual, in trying natural remedies, be cautious and closely observe how the body responds to natural remedies, beginning with small amounts or portions (as low as one-tenth the value on the first day, and doubling them every day until the recommended amount is reached.) If any negative senses are experienced, the item should be discontinued or taken in smaller amounts for longer periods of time to increase tolerance. It is important that a doctor be consulted to rule out the presence of serious coexisting or underlying conditions.


List of Recipies

Dr. Ali’s Recipes for Breakfasts With Spices

Dr. Ali’s Yogurt Breakfast With Spices

* Dr. Ali’s Omelette Breakfasts With Spices

Dr. Ali’s Protein Shake Breakfast With Spices

Dr. Ali’s Breakfast Shake 3-4 Days a Week

*  Dr. Ali’s Weight Loss Breakfast

*  Dr. Ali’s Line of Omelettes for Weight Loss and Aging Healthfully

* Dr. Ali’s Spicy Omelette Breakfast

Dr. Ali’s Weight Loss, Anti-diabetes Spicey Yogurt

 Saying NO to Fat-free Yogurt, Please!

Dr. Ali’s Omelette Recipes An Introduction

Dr. Ali’s Omelette Recipes

* Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Breakfast

* Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Lunch Recipes

* Dr. Ali’s Breakfast 3-4 Days a Week

Dr. Ali’s Flax and Chia Seeds Omelete

* Dr. Ali’s Ginger – Walnut Omelette

Dr. Ali’s Edamame Omelette

* Dr. Ali’s Sesame Omelette

Dr. Ali’s Garlic Omelette

* Dr. Ali’s Onion Omelette

Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Pink Dal (Lentil) Lunch Recipe

* Dr. Ali’s Black dal (lentil) Lunch Recipe

Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Flax and Chia Seeds Omelette

*  Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Tuna-Tiki Recipe

*  Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Smart Palak-Tiki Recipe

*  Dr. Ali’s Vege-Tiki Recipe

k  Insulin-Wise Foods, Insulin-Saving Recipes

k  Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Breakfast – Personalized

k  Insulin-saving Almond snack

k  Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Pink Dal (Lentil) Lunch Recipe

k  Dr. Ali’s Black dal (lentil) Lunch Recipe


*  Dr. Ali’s Recipes

Butter Is Good, Butter Is Bad, Butter Is Good

 Eggs Are Good, Eggs Are Bad, Eggs Are Good Again


Gluten Sensitivity

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