Insox – What’s In a Name?


Majid Ali, M.D.

INSOX: Ins for Insulin, Ox for Oxygen


Why Do I Introduce a New Term?

Here are my reasons. I introduce the term “intox” precisely for a program with two specific objectives:

  1. Restoration of oxygen signals in the body;
  2. Restoration of insulin signals in the body.

What Is Detox?

Ask people what the word detox means, no two people will give you the same answer. There are as many meanings of the word Detox as the number of people using it.

  • The simplest, safe, no-cost way of restoring oxygen signals is to breathe in normally and breathe out slowly. I have not read nor heard anyone sing the praises of slow breathe-outs for healing when they speak about detox.
  • Many “detox” programs are based on sweet fruit juices. Such juices cause sugar spikes which trigger insulin spikes. We live in an age of insulin toxicity (hyperinsulinism). Insulin in excess injured the brain, heart, liver, eyes, kidneys, and with time all body organs.
  • Fasting dehydrates, acidifies, free-radicalises, and increases fermentation in the body. I have seen several people sickened with extended “fasting detox” procedures. So I do not recommend such detox.

Growing One’s Own Guru

When in pain and suffering, it is only natural to seek some guru who can cure pain or sufffering. The more exotic the robe of the guru, the more vulnerable the sufferer is.

I try never to belittle anyone’s suffering. However, being at the whims of people seeking fame or fortune for whatever motives they have does not alleviate suffering.

I offer a free series of 7-segment Deep Healing Video Seminar at this web site. Also, I offer a library of articles in finding and honoring the Healer-in-One’s Mirror, again at this web site.

Words Do Matter

Authentic learning, understanding, and knowing cannot be done with words that have no specific meaning. Such words simply add to confusion, or worse dumb people down. Detox is one such word. I confess that I also fell into this trip many times. So I ask my readers and viewers to please substitute the word detox with insox when they access my materials.

I do recognize that the word detox is so entrenched in holistic literature that there is a risk in moving away from

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