Once You Wondered About the Big Sky


Majid Ali, M.D.

Why Don’t You Do That Now That You Need It Much More

As a boy, I usually slept in the open under a big sky. So did my sisters and brothers and our parent. So the big sky was always a part of being – the stars, the moon, the clouds, and the breeze below it.

In cold climates, children used to lie on grass or dirt and just look at the sky. It probably still goes on, perhaps their sky is not as big as mine was.


As a boy I did not know then what communion was. How could I have? Laying under the sky then was just that – communion for hours until the sky put me to sleep. How could I have known then known that night after night I was in communion with the higher intelligence, higher sustenance, the higher Presence? The Healer.

The reader musy have also communed with the sky sometimes. If not, why not become a child every now and then?

In New York, the big sky is not so big for me. At night, I disappears. The sky is still with me when I am driving on the highways and in Newport four times a day.

Children used to know things before adults did. They still do but only what appears on their 2 x 3 inch smart phone screens. I do not know how many of them notice the chinks of cyber skies when they appears on their screens. How might they know that that sky is higher intelligence, higher sustenance, the higher Presence? And that it is the healer.

Smile With Sky and Breathe Slowly

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Videos on Breathing




That was then. This is now. In N How many children in the U.S. do so now? d

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