I Smile With My Sky, I Breathe Out Slowly

Majid Ali, M.D.

My Two Simple Steps for Health With Gratitude.

My sky – of any color and shape, with or without clouds, during the day or night – is a symbol of higher Presence, higher intelligence, higher healing. I have trained myself to smile at the sky. No, please don’t call it silly.

On a Second Thought

Why shouldn’t  you call it silly?

If you do so and you’re right and smiling at the sky is really silly, what a glorious silliness its is!

With My Sky, I  Breathe Better

Smiling at my sky lets me breathe my own air – and do so in gratitude.

Maybe you should try smiling at the sky too.

Below are some videos and suggested reading for healing. May you be graceful, gracious, and generous in spirit.

My Videos on Slow Breathing

Breathe Slow, Liver Longer


 If I Could Only Prescribe One Therapy, It Would be Slow Breathing


Tycho Breathing for Heart Stress and Hyperventilation


Tycho Breathing for Calming a rapid Heart



Suggested Reading

Please enter the words “The-Pre-East” and “African Grandmothers” to read a series of my articles on ridding yourself of fears and anger.



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