Diabetes Is Not A Sugar Problem, It Is Insulin Toxicity . Healer-in-the-Mirror Part 3


 Majid Ali, M.D.

A Seminar of Dr. Ali’s DVD Insulin Toxicity Course

And a Part of Healer-in-the Mirror Series – Part 3

Energy hormone of the body Is Insulin Produced by the Pancreas Gland located in the abdomen Behind the Stomach

Insulin Toxicity and Detox

Insulin Toxicity to Diabetes – And Back to Health

The Innocence of Seeking Health in a Disease-Maintenance System

Strong Claims Require Strong Proof

Dr. Ali’s Insulin Course

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  2. Short Videos
  3. Video Seminars
  4. DVD Seminars
  5. Book




Three Essentials

  1. Truth   – The Mirror does not accept lies.
  2. Passion – Passion for learning cannot be faked.
  3. Persistence – Truth and passion often take longer than expected but take one further than imagined.

Three for Safety

  1. For acute disease, we need doctors, nurses, and technology.
  2. For chronic disease, one must find one’s healer in one’s own mirror. One must become one’s own healer.
  3. Acute diseases are seldom sudden departures from good health 

Three Root Cause of Chronic Disease

  1. Fear – Search for truth
  2. Anger – Passion for learning
  3. Lack of curiosity
  • Curiosity is the mother of imagination.
  • Imagination opens pathways to exploration.
  • Exploration brings learning, understanding, and knowing – and healing.

Three Primary Mechanism of Cellular and Tissue Injury Root Cause of Chronic Disease

  1. Gut fermentation –
  2. Oxygen dysfunction (dysox)
  3. Insulin toxicity

Excessive gut fermentation is caused by altered gut flora resulting from excessive sugar intake, antibiotic abuse, and untreated mold and food allergy.

Subjects Included in Insulin Tox and Detox

  1. Insulin Intelligence With Insulin Speak
  2. Seven faces of Insulin Toxicity
  3. Insulin-Speak for Weight Loss
  4. Insulin-Speak for Preventing and Reversing Type 2 Diabetes
  5. Ali’s Insulin-Detox Regimen
  6. Insulin-Wise and Insulin-Unwise Foods
  7. Insulin-Speak for Preventing and Reversing Heart disease
  8. Insulin-Speak for Preventing and Reversing Kidney Failure
  9. Insulin-Speak for Preventing Brain Shrinkage
  10. Insulin-Speak for Preventing and Reversing Chronic Inflammatory DisordersHeart

Ali’s Insulin-Detox Regimen

  1. Dr. Ali’s Insulin Reduction Program  (Also see articles at http://www.alidiabetes.Org)
  2. Dr. Ali’s Diabetes Reversal Plan          (Also see articles at http://www.alidiabetes.Org)


Seven Tutorials of the Free Healer-In-the-Mirror Course

Volume 1:     * Course Introduction, Goals, and Outline

* Three Root Causes,  Three Primary Mechanisms of Chronic Disease

Volume 2:     * Chronic Pain – Prevention and Control,  Naturally

* Oxygen Model of Pain

Volume 3:     * Diabetes Is Not a Sugar Problem, It Is Insulin Toxicity

Volume 4:     * The Gastrointestinal System *  Cardiovascular System

Volume 5:     * Endocrine System – Thyroid, Adrenals, Testes, Ovaries

Volume 6:     * Nervous System

* Musculoskeletal System

Volume 7:     Cancer Causes and Treatments




Dr. Ali’s Insulin Video Library



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