Pain Control – Healer-in-Mirror Part 2

Majid Ali, M.D.

Pain Prevention and Control, Naturally

Is There a Healer In Your Mirror? Can You Find that Healer?

Only you can answer these questions for yourself.

Three Disturbing Facts About Pain

  • The United States, more than any other country, is oxygen starved.
  • Americans more than any other people are dying of pain drugs.
  • n 2014, forty Americans lost their lives to morphine and related opiate drugs used for pain control.

 My Top Seven for Pain Control 

  1. Pro-Oxygen, Anti-Acid: (Breathe in normal, breathe out slow, hydrogen peroxide soaks)
  2. Pro-Water, Anti-Fermentation.
  3. Pro-Fat and Protein, Anti Starches and Sugar (Excess insulin is pro-inflammatory and pro-pain.
  4. Pro-Castor Oil, Anti-Fried Foods (castor oil rubs
  5. Pro-Limbic Stretching, Anti-Huffing anf Puffing Exercise
  6. Pro-Spirituality, Anti-Psychology
  7. Pro-Future, Anti-Past


Three Essentials

  1. Truth   – The Mirror does not accept lies.
  2. Passion – Passion for learning cannot be faked.
  3. Persistence – Truth and passion often take longer than expected but take one further than imagined.

Three for Safety

  1. For acute disease, we need doctors, nurses, and technology.
  2. For chronic disease, one must find one’s Healer-in-Mirror. One must become one’s own healer.
  3. Acute diseases are seldom sudden departures from good health 

Seven Tutorials of the Free Healer-In-Mirror Course

Volume 1:     * Course Introduction, Goals, and Outline

* Three Root Causes,  Three Primary Mechanisms of Chronic Disease

Volume 2:     * Chronic Pain – Prevention and Control,  Naturally

* Oxygen Model of Pain

Volume 3:     * The Gastrointestinal System

* Mouth, Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine, Colon, Rectum

Volume 4:     * Cardiovascular System

* The Heart, Circulation, Inflammatory-immune vasculitis

Volume 5:     * Endocrine System – Thyroid, Adrenals, Testes, Ovaries

Volume 6:     * Nervous System

* Musculoskeletal System

Volume 7:     Cancer Causes and Treatments

My Top Seven for Pain



Three Root Cause of Chronic Disease

  1. Fear Search for truth
  2. Anger Passion for learning
  3. Lack of curiosity
  • Curiosity is the mother of imagination.
  • Imagination opens pathways to exploration.
  • Exploration brings learning, understanding, and knowing – and healing.

Three Primary Mechanism of Cellular and Tissue Injury Root Cause of Chronic Disease

  1. Gut fermentation –
  2. Oxygen dysfunction (dysox)
  3. Insulin toxicity

Excessive gut fermentation is caused by altered gut flora resulting from excessive sugar intake, antibiotic abuse, and untreated mold and food allergy.

Three Levels of the Sun-Soil Models of Health and Healing

  1. The Bowel-Blood-Liver Levels (The Soil and Roots Unit)
  2. The Pancreas-Thyroid-Adrenal Levels
  3. The Cortical-Limbic-Gonad Levels (neurotransmitters, testosterone, estrogens, progesterone)HormonesLack of curiosity

Three Threats to Oxygen and Insulin Homeostasis

  1. Acid-alkali Imbalance
  2. Oxidant-antioxidant dysregulation
  3. Clotting-Unclotting dysequilibrium

Highly Recommended Reading and Viewing Suggestions 

  1. Oxygen Model of Pain
  2.  (
  3. Dr. Ali’s Pain Course
  4. Dr. Ali’s Pain DVD (call 212-873-2444 for your copy)
  5. Or go to:

Dr. Ali’s Deep Healing Course

Links at the end of this outline

The Sun-Soil Model of Health and Healing

Illustrated below.

Library of Healing Videos

Serenity Among Elements

The Healing Way of Life Begins With Curiosity Series – Introduction

 Healing With Curiosity Part One – When You Were Two Months Old


Healing With Curiosity Part Two – The Train and the Tree

 Healing With Curiosity Part Three – The Baby and Me.


Healing With Curiosity Part Four – My Clouds and Me

 Healing With Curiosity Part Five – Oxidant and Antioxidant Series

 Healing With Curiosity Part Six – Molecular Biology of Oxygen

 Healing With Curiosity Part Seven – Insulin Toxicity





Human Limits, Higher Intelligence

In 2017, I will be in the sixtieth year of my study of medicine. I recognize two elements i common among all native healing traditions, all regions and religions of the world, and all segments periods in history: (1) recognition of limits of being a human; (2) necessity for looking up to the sky for higher intelligence, higher healing, and higher sustenance.



The Sun-Soil Model of Health Model



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