For Pain Control, Breathe Slow, Please!

Majid Ali, M.D.

America, more than any other country, is oxygen starved and Americans more than any other people are dying of pain drugs. One simple thing everyone in pain can do is to breathe slowly and see how much it helps.

In 2014, forty Americans lost their lives to morphine and related opiate drugs used for pain control.

Every Pain Is Some Cells’ Cries for Oxygen.

This is the scientific fact of pain. Limbic Breathing with normal breathe-in and slow, comfortable breathe-out increases the delivery of oxygen to the body. I published scientific evidence for this in my book The Cortical Monkey and Healing (1990). I have addressed pain problems in more than 75 articles and several books. I specially recommend my article “Unifying Oxygen Model of Pain” for an overview of the problem.


Dr. Ali’s Pain Control Course 

This course is FREE and its articles are posted on this site as well as


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