Majid Ali, M.D.

Can you be your own healer? Only you can answer this question for yourself.

Please read all three parts of this healing course before you choose to agree or disagree with me.

Safety First

  1. For acute disease, we need doctors, nurses, and technology.
  2. For chronic disease, one must become one’s own healer.


Seven – DVD Course on Being One’s Own Healer

Volume 1:     Course Goals, Introduction, and  Outline – Three Root Causes and Three

Primary Mechanisms of Chronic Disease

Volume 2:     The Sun-Soil Model of Health and Healing – Bowel, Blood, and Liver


Volume 3:     Gastrointestinal System

Volume 4:     Cardiovascular System

Volume 5:     Endocrine System – Thyroid, Adrenals, Testes, Ovaries, and Others

Volume 6:     Nervous System

Volume 7:     Musculoskeletal System


Three Essentials

  1. Search for truth
  2. Passion for learning
  3. Striving for competition


Three Root Causes of Chronic Illness

  1. Gut fermentation
  2. Dysfunctional oxygen
  3. Insulin toxicity


Human Limits, Higher Intelligence

In 2017, I will be in the sixtieth year of my study of medicine. I recognize two elements i common among all native healing traditions, all regions and religions of the world, and all segments periods in history.



The Sun-Soil Model of Health Model








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