Will Zika Virus Come to the U.S.?

Majid Ali, M.D.

Will Zika Virus Come to the U.S.? Yes, It will.

Will “Zika Babies” With Small Heads Be Born in the U.S.?

Yes. The “Zika mosquito” (Aedes aegypti) is already here,  currently present in 12 states. Its population is exploding in in stagnant waters all of these 12 states — in little ‘mosquito pools’ created in  non-biodegradable waste, in  containers, discarded plastic bags and wrappers, rubber tires. Such pools, of course, everywhere,  in backyards, empty swimming pools, abandoned lots, parks, fields, roadside ditches, fields.

Will Some Zika babies suffer from Paralysis?

Yes. Some will develop as a result of Guillain-Barré syndrome ) a serious autoimmune reaction to the virus, as it happens with flu virus and the anti-flu vaccine.

What Can Be Done?

Scare the Zika mosquito away with oxygen, at community level. Don’t wait for the officials to wake up.

Oh No.! Not that oxygen-acid Stuff Again

“There he goes again. He can’t help himself, can he?” I hear some protesting voices. “He is blind to everything except oxygen, isn’t he?”

Okay, Let’s Give Him a Few Minutes

How does he drag oxygen into this Zika story? Some others might be kinder to me.

My Oxygen-Zika Story – In Simplest Words

Zika mosquito (lays eggs only in oxygen-depleted, acid-rick stagnant water. This mosquito hates oxygen in waters which clears acids from them.

What Can Be Done On A Personal And Community Level?

  1.  Make your home and community inhospitable to the Zika mosquito. Look around and eliminate pools of stagnant, no matter how small, from your environment.
  2. Please, do not wait for official empty words.
  3. Read more on Zika at this site
  4. Consider my free “Dr. Ali’s Oxygen Course”
  5. Consider my free “Dr. Ali’s Fermentation Course”



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