My 2016 Resolution: I’ll Not Bad-Mouth 2015

Majid Ali, M.D.

Nor Will I Bad-Mouth 2014, Nor 2013, Nor …

We Are Our Conversations

We are shaped by our conversations.

We are owned by them.

We are defined by them.

Some conversations grow us, others arrest our growth.

We are enslaved by conversations of hate, anger, and rage.


What might  be my 2016 conversations?

We are liberated by conversations of sensibility and sensitivity

* I recognize sensibility as a capacity for compassion.

* I recognize sensitivity as a capacity for awareness.

Now Back to My 2016 Resolution

Regret is a thief.

Regrets of things of  2015 can only steal from me.

And of 2014.

And of 2013.

Hence my 2016 resolution. No bad-mouthing year 2015, nor 2014, nor 2013, nor …


Links to Some Healing Waves for 2016 

Healing Words, Healing Waves – Part One

 Healing Words, Healing Waves – Part Two

 Healing Words, Healing Waves – Part Three





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