Loyalty to One’s Elements Is the Path to One’s Independence of Reason

ddha, Majid Ali, M.D.

What are one’s elements? Whatever is in one’s fields of senses, imagination, and love.

It’s this simple, really!

Natural Philosophy,  Natural Science

I do see a difference between natural philosophy and natural science. And this is why I am drawn to natural philosophy. It would be grateful for your comments on the subject.


Is Today’s Natural Science Better Than the 18th Century Natural Philosophy?

The 18th century Europe was into ‘natural philosophy.’ Then came the obsession to separate what then passed for science from the then-prevailing natural philosophy. Science came to mean observation and measurement. Natural science was born. The relatedness of what is being observed or measured in different fields of scientific inquiry became the first casualty of the new world of natural science. What did humankind gain from the switch from natural philosophy to natural science? What did it lose?

Worlds of Natural Philosophy and Natural Science 

Prophets, Buddha, Confucius, and Zoroaster were all natural philosophers. Then came Rumi,  Firdousi,  Mir, Ghalbi, and other poets of the East.  They were also practitioners of natural philosophy. The West had Homer, Socrates, Plato, and Homer. Later came , Shakespeare, von Goethe, Shiller, Nicheitze, Decartes, Mozart, von Humboldt, and  Charles Darwin.

Then came the world of natural science with its quantum physics, fossil energy, nuclear technology, pesiticides, gene splicing, cloning, and climate chaos.

The Unborn, Natural Philosophy, and Natural Science  

My interest in offering this short article was sparked by two events in the closing weeks of 2015  – spastic efforts to reach two agreements: (1) first, to secure a  safe haven for humankind with a non-binding agreement on global warming in Paris; and (2) to save our species from what I foresee will be a mushrooming “home gene-editing industry” for designer babies, animals, and foods plants  in Washington DC.

Perfection of means and confusion of goals. How did the old Albert know so much?

The Pre-east Series

I offer more reflections on these subjects in several articles of my The Pre-East Series on this web site. Accompanying videos are posted at http://www.vimeo.com.




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