Seven Diabetes Questions


Dr. Ali’s Video Series

For Answers With Honest “Insulin Conversations”


 Seven Questions That Matter

  1. What causes weight gain? (It is insulin toxicity.)
  2. What is diabetes? (It is insulin toxicity.)
  3. What is your chance of getting diabetes? (One in two now, seven in ten in 20 years.)
  4. How can you lose weight? (With insulin-smart eating.)
  5. How can you reverse diabetes? (With insulin-wise diet and insulin detox.)
  6. How can I know if I am hurting my heart, brain, liver, kidneys, ovaries, and testis? (If you have excess insulin and are insulin-toxic, you are hurting all these organs.)
  7. How Can I Begin Losing Weight and/or reversing diabetes? (Be honest with yourself and learn with intelligent insulin conversations.)

Honest Answers to the Seven Questions 

A mirror does not accept lies. One cannot lie to one’s own self. This how I suggest you begin honest and intelligent insulin conversations. I invite you to put my statement to a challenge with my library of Insulin-Diabetes Video Library. View the videos once, twice, thrice, or more often, and then be honest with yourself. Next read the seven quesions and try to answer them. Then look at the videos and see if my very short answers to the questions really make sense to you.

List of Videos

For articles on the subject, please consider my free course entitled “Dr. Ali’s Diabetes Course.”

 Be Insulin-Literate, Please!

 Who Does Not Want You to Be Insulin-Literate?

Insulin Health and Free Insulin Course

 Insulin Buddy

Diabetes and insulin Majid Ali MD

 Insulin Health and Free Insulin Course

 Think Sugar-Diabetes and Remain Ill-informed or Think Insulin and Be Well-informed

What Is Your Diabetes Subtype?

 Insulin Toxicity, and Fatty Liver With Normal Liver Blood Tests

 Inflammation-Insulin Connections

 Why Do I Consider Blood Insulin Test to be the Single Most Important Test

 What Is Your Child’s Peak Insulin Level? Is She or He Insulin-Toxic?

Seventy Percent of World Population Diabetic in 25 Years


Insulin Buddy and Fatty Liver

 Castor Oil Rubs for Insulin Detox for Weight Loss and Diabetes Reversal

 Obesity Is Cellular Inflammation


 Gestational Diabetes Is Insulin Toxicity of the Unborn – Part Two

What is the Evidence That Neuropathy Is Caused by Insulin Toxicity?


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