How Do I Know If My Weight Gain Is Due Excess Insulin?

Majid Ali, M.D.

If You Are Hungry After Eating, You Have Excess Insulin (Insulin-Toxic By Its Real name.)

Seven Essentials of Energy Hormone Insulin

Insulin is the body’s master hormone which governs all energy transaction in the body as the minster of metabolism and energy, and regulates other hormones.

  1. Excess insulin (insulin toxicity) is fattening, fermenting, and inflaming.
  2. The only reliable test for diagnosing insulin toxicity is by measuring the blood insulin levels over three hours after a glucose load.
  3. Insulin buildup in the body (hyperinsulinism) occurs when greased cell membranes become resistant to its blood sugar-lowering actions and the pancreas gland in the abdomen tries to overcome insulin resistance by overproducing insulin.
  4. Insulin toxicity injured the cells in the liver, brain, heart, kidneys, nerves, gut, ovaries, testosterone, and other body organs.
  5. Effective plan for normalizing blood insulin levels is with an insulin-wise diet (use the search engine of this website to read my Insulin Reduction Diet Plan.”
  6. Diabetes is not a sugar problem. If you think it is, you can never prevent or reverse diabetes.
  7. Diabetes is an insulin toxicity problem. If you think diabetes is a sugar problem, you can neither prevent nor reverse diabetes.


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