The Prostate Gland – Anatomy, Physiology, BPH, AND CANCER

Majid Ali, M.D.


The prostate gland of a man is healthy when he does not even know he has the gland. Men first learn about its existence when there is a delay in beginning of the urine flow or when this flow becomes sluggish or weak. Of course, by then the gland has enlarged with aging changes or with tumor. Students learn about it but promptly forget it until later years.

Is the prostate gland a sex organ? What role does it play in reproductive health? What are the hormonal influences on the gland? What is “prostate health”? What is the absence of health in the prostate gland? What is BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)? What are the treatment options for BPH? What are the types of prostate infections? How common was prostatitis fifty years ago? How common are such infections now? What are the treatment options for acute and chronic infections of the prostate gland. How common was prostate cancer fifty years ago? How common is it now? What are the treatment options for prostate cancer? What is PSA (prostate-specific antigen)? What is the clinical significance of the PSA blood test in assessing prostate health? What is the clinical value of the PSA test in the management of prostatitis? What is the real value of PSA in the diagnosis of prostate cancer? What is the value of the test in monitoring the efficacy of the cancer treatment plans? To address these questions in this series on the prostate gland. Please see the tutorial entitled Anatomy and Physiology of the Prostate Gland” and the two following chapters, I begin below with some basic information about the anatomy (structure) and physiology (function)of the gland.

Prostate Simplicities and Complexities

Simplicities in clinical medicine are desirable only if they help us cope with complexities of life. Simplicities not drawn from a deep understanding of the complexities of biology are of little value. The literature on the prostate health, prostatitis, prostatitis calcification, BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), the clinical significance of the PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test, and prostate cancer has been made needlessly confusing. The primary reason for that—in my views—is the distortions spread by the merchants of drugs and natural remedies to “cure” prostate maladies. I discuss each of the above issues in specific tutorials devoted to these subjects.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options 

Videos, DVDs, and Article 

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    Please read other articles in this series. For yet more info, consider my Prostate Cancer DVD (available at 212-873-2444 or 973-686-4111.


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