The Pre-East Healing In a Pre-Everything Time

Majid Ali, M.D.

I Recognize Two Commonalities in All Peoples of the World:

First, They All Experience Times of Helplessness.

Second, They All Need Some Higher Power to Surrender to When They Are Helpless.

My Ancestors Were Pre-History African Grandmothers.


  1. Why African Grandmothers of pre-history?
  2. Why not American grandmothers of pre-history?
  3. Or Chinese grandmothers of pre-history?
  4. Or Norwegian grandmothers of pre-history?
  5. Why not Pakistanian grandmothers of pre-history? I was born in Pakistan so why not them?
  6. Or why not African grandfathers of pre-history?
  7. Or just mothers and fathers of pre-history?

Because Our Shared African Grandmothers of the Pre-History Were:

  1. Pre-ethnic
  2. Pre-racial
  3. Pre-political
  4. Pre-philosophy
  5. Pre-preaching
  6. Pre-exceptional
  7. Pre-everything modern

Also Because African Grandmothers of Pre-History:

  1. Were mothers first;
  2. Had experienced starving, freezing, sickness, and recovery;
  3. Had walked human in their elements, observing the ways of elephants, flies, and leopards;
  4. Had tried roots, barks, nuts, flowers, and crystals as remedies;
  5. Had lost siblings, children, grandchildren, and friends;
  6. Had witnessed death and dying;
  7. They walked human in their elements, observing the ways of elephants, flies, and leopards;
  8. With time had known their place among their elements;
  9. Did live head-fixated lives, recycling past misery, and pre-cycling feared future misery.

How Does One Seek Counsel from African Grandmothers of Pre-History? The Answer:

  1.   One must imagine one’s African Grandmothers of Pre-History, then learn their ways, and know them;
  2.   Learn that one can know only as much Divity as exists within oneself; and
  3.   One must grow one’s own guru.

Free Deep Healing Video Course

If you are not really comfortable with the Times’ solution and wish to seek counsel from your ancestors, there is another way, the Pre-East Way for coping with fear, anxiety, and panic at this site. Below are links to videos about the way. The companion articles are posted on this site.

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Seminar 7 Deep  Healing Depression

Serenity Among Elements




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