Snake Oil Prediction

Majid Ali, M.D.

My Prediction: Snake Oil Will Be Proven to Have Many, many Health Benefits

No Cell Membranes Can Be Alive Without Oils 

Fats that are liquid at body temperature are called oils. Fats are essential for the healthy structures and functions of all cell membranes. This is the main reason I prescribe health fats in food as well as supplemental oils (omega-3 oils, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and others) for all my patients.

All natural oils which have been tested for health benefits have proven to be beneficial, some more, some less. When snake oils are tested so with vigorous scientific methods, I predict they will also be proven beneficial.

Freshly removed human brain at autopsy is so fluid that pathologists hold it carefully with both hands put together so that semi-fluid brain tissue does not flow through the space between two hands or that between fingers. The brain tissue has to be fixed with fixatives (formaldehyde and others) so that it can be dissected properly.

Why Do Doctors Hate Snake Oils?

I have never heard this question raised in medical schools or hospital conferences. So, I am proud to raise it. I ask readers to read my articles on fats and oils, then consider the question and send me an e-mail about it at

Thank you.

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