Answer to Terrorism: Talk Therapy

 Majid Ali, M.D.

A Therapist-In-Chief in the White House

An  Imaginative Solution

I came across a truly imaginative presidential solution to the most troubling and ever-deepening problem of worldwide terrorism.  It is worthy of everyone’s consideration. First, a question:  Who is the publisher of the following words?:  “In short, we need President Obama to be our therapist-in-chief and give us all a dose of cognitive therapy.”

What Is Cognitive Therapy?

By cognitive therapy, the Times means cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). In this type of talk therapy, an individual with superior mind tells another individual with an inferior mind what to think and do. Now back to the question: Who is the publisher of the presidential therapist-in-chief proposal?

All the News That Is Fit to Print

If your answer is that the writer is some psychiatrist or psychotherapists and the words were printed in the The New York Times, you do get it. I deeply admire both presidential powers and the root cause of global terrorism: deficiency of such talk therapy. Congratulations. I am embarrassed to admit that such a solution was clearly beyond my humble mind.

Terror, indeed, is a presidential talk therapy-deficiency state. 

The solution of President Obama assuming the responsibility of being the nation’s therapist-in-chief was proposed by the Times on on December 6, 2015. The Times, of course is the champion of all the news that is fit to print.

But, I Do Forsee a Problem

If Congress indeed passed a Presidential Therapist-in-Chief Bill, and the President signed it into law, I’m afraid there might be some problems. For example,

  1. What might Thomas Payne say from his grave?
  2. What might Thomas Jefferson say from his grave?
  3. What might Franklin and Madison yell from their grave?

Some More About Cognitive Therapy

This is a therapy administered by some gifted individuals who know you and I better that our ancestors knew us. They claim they can recognize our distorted reality that creates fears and fan their fires better that our parents and grandparents understood our reality and fears. These experts can then simply talk us out of such reality. No such reality, no such fears. An elegant solution, isn’t it. Win, win, and win. The President wins.  Terrorists win. And, of course, we common citizens win.


A War Fought With Sticks and Stones

Thank God there were European psychiatrists and psychologists.  Who can imagine the unspeakable horrors that would have happened if they had not prevented both World War I and World War II. What mass murders would not have happened  if it were not for the disciples of Freud,  Jungian, and others of their ilk.

I add that the words quoted above were included in an article entitled “National Cognitive Therapy.” What a stroke of sheer genius. Now we can all rest assured that the prophecy of  old Albert will prove wrong. Notwithstanding his relativity Nobel Prize, his prediction of World War IV fought with sticks and stones is plainly silly. Clearly, President Obama will talk terrorists out of their madness and World War III will not be fough.

No World War III. No World War  IV. Our children can now sleep safely.

A Practical Suggestion

The President, needless to point out, has many things on his mind. Until he can perfect national cognitive behavior therapy, what may common citizens do?  You can consider a much humbler and far less enlightening approach to the problem of the fear-anger-anxiety-rage-killing syndrome with my free-of-cost Deep Healing Video Seminar Course. The links to the seven seminars are given below.


Free Deep Healing Video Course

If you are not really comfortable with the Times’ solution and wish to seek counsel from your ancestors, there is another way, the Pre-East Way for coping with fear, anxiety, and panic at this site. Below are links to videos about the way. The companion articles are posted on this site.

* Sunbstance of the Soul

Seminar 1 Deep Healing Dimensions and the Beginning of Healing Journey

Seminar 2 Deep Healing Fear, Panic, and Anxiety – Control and Prevention

Seminar 3 My Breath Is My Own – I Breathe It Well

Seminar 4 Deep Healing of Sleep Disorders

Seminar 5 Deep Healing Disappointments of Life

Seminar 6 Deep  Healing of Chronic Persistent Illness

Seminar 7 Deep  Healing Depression

Serenity Among Elements

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