Being One’s Own Blood Pressure Doctor

Majid Ali, M.D.

Yes, It Takes Time to Learn, But It Will Take You to Many Other Wonderful Things.



New or acute chest symptoms may or may not indicate the presence of a heart problem. One needs an experienced doctor to make that determination and prescribe treatment for it. One cannot be one’s own cardiologist under these conditions.

The second episode of chest symptoms after a negative cardiology evaluation may or may not indicate the presence of a heart problem. Again one needs an experienced doctor to make the diagnosis and treat it appropriately.

Shared Responsibility

The recurrence of similar chest symptoms after that creates an option of a different design: responsibility shared between the doctor and the patient. The doctor continues to treat the problem while the patient can become his assistant, an individual who is willing and able to assume the responsibility of preventing future symptoms. She or he can learn about the nature of the problem, detect the triggers that cause the symptoms, and take simple steps to avoid recurrences of symptoms. This is what I call being one’s own doctor—cardiologist in the current context. It can take several weeks to several months. If the above path of shared responsibility is chosen, I suggest a program of learning from the free video encyclopedia of natural healing offered by Ali Academy (go to and enter Majid Ali, M.D. to reach the channel).

For an overview of heart health and disease, go to: Seeing the Heart

Science, Health, and Healing (SHH) Video Encyclopedia

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Being One’s Own Cardiologist

Safety first. So, do not stop your medication until you have learned well the information presented in SHH video articles in the following area:





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