Top Seven for Heart Palpitations


Majid Ali, M.D.

Learn to Be Kind to Your Heart So Your Heart Can Be Kind to You.


Safety First.

Please Consider My Guidelines For Slowing the Heart Rate and Controlling Heart Palpitation under the supervision of your doctor.


Can you safely slow the heart and control heart palpitation?

Or, if you are taking medications for heart palpitation? You alone can answer this question. How can anyone else say whether or not you are willing and able to slowly and safely decrease your heart rate and control heart palpitation. Some of them eventually stopped all drugs, except under acute stress conditions.   Please read and re-read the following six items before you consider my Top Seven Guidelines for Controlling Heart Palpitation Normalizing Blood Pressure after this introduction.

  • Be honest with yourself, and learn and know well what heart palpitations and how one can control them naturally.
  • How slowly and safely heart palpitations can be controlled by slowing the heart with slow expirations (“breathe-out”) of Limbic Breathing.
  1. How with practice and patient the heartbeat can be slowed so that the dose of medications, if taken, can be reduced under the supervision of one’s doctors.
  • Become “Heart – curious” and learn why the heart rate increases with excess sugar, caffeine, stress, andger, and rage.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice closely while you consider my guidelines.
  • Learn to “think heart -wise,” and do so with clarity (study my free “Dr. Ali’s Heart Course” on this website give you all the needed information).
  • Never throw away your heart pills in a moment of excitement.
  • Learn to “live heart-wise,” long-term and stay closed to your doctor monitoring your heart.

Dr. Ali’s Top Seven Guidelines for Heart-Wise Living

  • Limbic Breathing-Prayer-Meditation.
  • Ali’s Breakfast (an idea, not a product)
  • Ali’s Insulin-Wise Diet, If Your Blood Insulin Level Is High (Search this website for my recipes for meals. Consider nut and seed butters for snacks)
  • Living-out-of-the head
  • Spices
  • Nutrient Supplementation
  • Limbic Non-huffing-Non-puffing Exercise


Dr. Ali’s Begin-Low-Build-Slow Principle

Safety first is only possible if readers learn well the contents of my guidelines. I urge them to read the guidelines three times before considering them.  I recommend this for all my recommendations concerning foods, stress control with self-regulation, and environmental hazards.

The First Two Steps

  • Watch the library of Videos linked below
  • Learn how to search my wen sites for articles in Dr. Ali’s Heart Course (free-of-cost)


This article is a part of my FREE course entitled “Dr. Ali’s Heart Course.” Please, learn how to search the two websites mentioned for my articles which explain all of the above, including recipes. If you find it difficult, you need to find a guide (a daughter, a son, a cousin, a neighbor – anyone). Consider this as the very first exercise. The benefits of losing diabetes or controlling it far more effectively are worth any or all efforts you will make to learn how to search for articles on the following two websites:




Heart Videos

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Dr. Henry Kissinger Heart Question. – the Most Important Question After Coronary Bypass

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Additional Videos

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