ABC of Constipation


 Majid Ali, M.D.


This is my long-term prescription for the health of the bowel, brain, liver, heart, lungs, joints, and skin. Please use your good sense not to make yourself sick with my guidelines. I always prescribe magnesium, potassium, and taurine (Bowel Detox A) and cascara (Bowel Detox B ) for my patients in specific doses. So for these items, please follow my guidelines.

A.  Fiber at bedtime, psyllium (Indian Sidhpur brand preferred)

B.  Overhyderation in the morning

C.  Awaken the colon to trigger a bowel movement reflex

Three Essentials

  1. Increase amount of fiber to whatever amount it takes to have complete morning evacuation.
  2. Increase whatever fluids (water, green tea, senna tea, coffee, etc.) are needed in order to have complete morning evacuation.
  3. Do whatever it takes to have complete morning evacuation.


Dr. Ali’s Bowel Detox A and Bowel Detox B Protocols

The following tables show the composition of nutrients and factors included in my Bowel Detox Protocols A, B, and C (probiotics). Below are the guidelines I have provided for their use for constipation and restoring bowel health during the last thirty years.

  1. Bowel A: two tablets at bedtime, one in the morning (except for patients with rising blood creatinine level indicating kidney failure
  2. Bowel B: one or two capsules at bedtime until there is effective bowel movement every day
  3. Bowel C: Two to four capsules in the morning with water 30 minutes or so before breakfast


Dr. Ali’s Bowel Detox A
Nutrient Amount
Magnesium 150 mg
Potassium 50 mg
Taurine 250 mg


Dr. Ali’s Bowel Detox B
Factor Amount
Cascara 250 mg
Alfalfa 50 mg
Beet Root 50 mg
Goldenseal Root (Coptis chinensis) 50 mg


Dr. Ali’s Bowel Detox C (Probiotics)
Flora Combined All Three Count
Lactobacillus acidophilus Two
Lactobacillus bifidus Billion
Lactobacillus rhamnosus CFU

 Dr. Ali’s Bowel Health Course

For more info, please consider my FREE Bowel Course at this website. If you prefer, my two Bowel Health DVDs can be obtained by calling 800-633-6226 or online at

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