The Pre-East Fear-Anger-Stress Course – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


Majid Ali, M.D.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – Toxic Combo of Insulin and testosterone Toxicities

Disease Is a State of Separation From One’s nature

The best definition of disease, in my view, is a state of separation from one’s nature. The best definition of healing, in this context, is bridging the distance that separates one from one’s self.

The three core problems of PCOS are:

  1. Gut fermentation
  2. Oxygen dysfunction
  3. insulin toxicity

The Pre-East Way for Reversing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

(For the Patient and At Least Member of the family)

My patients have helped me recognize the following seven paths of the Way of the Pre-East:

  1. Being in one’s elements
  2. Breathing one’s own breath
  3. Trusting one’s senses
  4. Healing ethics
  5. Freedom from  divisions of ethnicity, race, and creed
  6. Respect for food
  7. Body movement (spontaneous, non-huffing and non-puffing)


A Course for Small Changes for Big Results

In this no-cost course, I address the endemic problems of fear, anger, and stress (the “Fear-Anger-Stress Continuum) looking through the prism of life experiences of our ancestors who lived in Africa 25,000 years ago or earlier. or more ago.

In my imagination, I recognize “raw humanism” in grandmothers of the time – free of ethnicity, race, ownership by men, polity, and faith superiority. They lived in their elements – with common sense, not with any convulated psychological theories.

 List of Course Seminars

  1. The Way of the Pre-East – Being In Elements
  2. The Way of the Pre-East – Limbic Breathing
  3. The Way of the Pre-East – Limbic Eating
  4. The Way of the Pre-East – Spices, Seeds, Supplements
  5. The Way of the Pre-East – Limbic Exercise
  6. The Way of the Pre-East – Ethics and Authenticity in Information
  7. Avoiding Un-needed Drugs and Medical Procedures

Small Changes for Big Results

“Striving to better, oft we mar what’s well.”

Duke of Albany, in King Lear

William Shakespeare

In my book, The Cortical Monkey  (1990), I recognized that:

  1. The Cortical Monkey loves to recycle past misery. When that is not enough it pre-cycles feared future misery.
  2. Psychosomatic and somatopsychic models of disease are artifacts of thinking.
  3. Pursuit of happiness makes people unhappy than anything else.
  4. Pursuit of perfection is paralyzing.
  5. Intensity of human suffering is profoundly influenced by the choices made in response to bodily insults.

Course Materials

In addition to the seven articles in the course listed above, I offer a large body of information at Science, Health, and Healing Encyclopedia presented with:

  1. Over 2500 videos (at and other video plateform
  2. Thirty five books (available in print and digital format at
  3. Over 500 DVDs and video xeminars (40 to 90 minutes long)
  4. Over 2,500 articles and commentaries posted at the following websites:

Selected Videos

Fear and Anger Series Part 1 – Introduction

Fear and Anger Part 2 – Beyond Definitions

Fear and Anger Series Part 3 – In Elements, Not in Self

Fear and Anger Series Part 4 – Beyond Right or Wrong




The Way of the Pre-East

Medical technology of the West saves lives in acute Illness but mostly increases suffering long -term in chronic disease. By contrast,  the philosophy and remedies of the East are generally valuable in health preservation but wholly inadequate for treating medical crisis – acute heart failure, acute stroke, kidney failure, acute asthma attacks, pneumonias, and other medical emergencies. Beyond this are the frustrating and worsening clinical problems that cannot be controlled with the best of medical technology of the West and remedies of the East.

My struggle with the limitation of the medicine of the West and the East led me to explore yet other areas with healing potential. My efforts led me to imagine a land in which lived five African grandmothers in a  place I call gransmotherland,  100,000 years or more ago.

My African “grandsmotherland” was a land free of ethnicity, race, and pathology of control. It was free of any “enlightened ones” – pundits, philosophers, preachers, professors, and profiteers. That was a very time long before some “men-of-spirits” arrived to claim lofty a perches – higher ground where lightening storms spoke to them and ordained them as high priests of power. It was a long time before self-annointed men-of spirits proclaimed who owned what and by whom – men’s ownership of women was the prize  they cherished most.

In my imagined African Pre-East, I imagine a possibility of a “Way of the Pre-East” which creates opportunities for a life of health and healing, in one’s elements, following one’s own sense of the nature of existence. Specifically, it opens seven pathways listed above.

Growing One’s Own Guru

The Way of the Pre-East for Health and Healing Learning the Way of the Pre-East for Health and Healing

For individuals intrigued by the possibility of creating a Pre-East for their own health and healing, I present my discussion of such a possibility in my Science, Health, and Healing library of articles, books, videos, and DVDs for learning the Way of the Pre-East for Health and Healing.

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