For Chronic Headache Sufferers, A Must-Read Case Report

Majid Ali, M.D.

I suffered Severe Migraine Attack for Over 30 Years. I have Not Suffered Any for 18 Years Now.

A man wakes up in his second floor with a headache. He tried to remember the last time he experienced a headache and realizes it was several years earlier. The headache subsides an hour later in his office.

Next day he wakes up with a headache again. He is puzzled but ignores it and goes to his office. Again the headache subsides within an hour. He forgets about it until he wakes up on the third day with a headache. He is more puzzled than the day before and again gets ready to go to his office. Again, the headache clears up in his office but it takes longer than it did the day before.

On the fourth day, he wakes up with a worse headache and makes an appointment with his doctor. The doctor does not find anything wrong with him and prescribes a painkiller. The headache worsens with each passing day.

On the seventh day he gets an MRI scan of the head which is read as negative. The headache continues with temporary relief from the painkiller.

On the ninth day, he sees a neurologist. He sees a second neurologist three days later. Both neurological evaluations fail to reveal the cause of headache.

On the eleventh day, he makes an appointment with Dr. Sydney Tuttiali, the world’s most famous headache doctor in Choua City. All day at the office he is distraught and loses temper with his staff, something that the staff had never seen him do before.

That day his wife notices a smell, walks around the house, and finds a strong gas odor in the basement. She frenetically calls the gas company. The workers from the gas company find and repair a leak in the gas line.

Next day, the man wakes up without a headache.

I regularly order gut fermentation tests for my patients with chronic headache. Why do I do so? I explain this in the article linked below.

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