Dangers of Neuroplasticity

Majid Ali, M.D.

Neuroplasticity Is Evolution’s Great Gift to Humans and Other Life Forms, But …

What Is the Primary Danger of Neuroplasticity?

How did Hitler persuade Germans to attack Belgium, Denmark, and Norway within months of assuring them he fully honored the sovergnity of these countries? Then how did he succeed in committing the country to attacking rest of Europe?

How did Japanese generals persuade Japanese to invade Asian countries? How did Bin Laden managed to convince so many Muslims that it was right to kill whatever Americans they could kill?

Hypnosis, How Valuable?

Recently I heard a hypnosis celebratory that he can solve all medical problems because his hypnosis is based on neuroplasticity. Fine, but I prescribe only self-hypnosis (auto-regulation is my preferred term for it) for my patients.

How TV Commercials Harness Neuroplasticity

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