How Much Suffering With Heartburn?

Majid Ali, M.D.

How long have you suffered symptoms of the GERD-Gastritis complex? Or lived with the pain of stomach ulcer?

Have you had endoscopy once or twice? Or three times or more often?

If any of these questions concern you, I wonder how you might answer any of the questions after you consider short videos listed below. Your comments will be a contribution to Science, Health, and Healing Service. Please send your comments to

If you need yet more information, please consider my Free GERD-Gastritis Course.

List of Videos

Top Seven for GERD-Gastritix Complex

Nsytatin for GERD -To Avoid Endoscopy After Endoscopy

Controlling Gut Fermdentation to Control Yeast Infection

Endoscopy After Endoscopy for GERD

Top Seven Remedies for GERD-Gastritis Complex

1. Gut fermentation control

    A. 4-week sugar-free, gluten-free, and dairy free diet

    B. Anti-fermentation spices

2. Healing conversing

3. OHM GERD (topical castor oil, heat, and massage)

4. Digestive Gastric enzymes

5. Aloe water (one or two ounces four times a day)

6. Rebounding exercise to awaken stomach wall muscle

7. Mold and food drops to control stomach fermentation

The videos linked concerns the above natural remedies.

Top Seven Series – Introduction

The detailed information on all of the above appear on companion articles at this website. My DVD and video seminars on these subjects can be obtained

Best wishes for healing.


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