Voices From African Grandmothers Re: Worsening Insulin Toxicity

Majid Ali, M.D.

Three-Hour Insulin Rising From 5.2 to 42

What Do Rising Insulin Levels Mean?

Insulin in excess – insulin toxicity by its proper name, is:

  1. Inflaming
  2. Fattening
  3. Fermenting
  4. Liver-toxic
  5. Endo-toxic (injures inner lining of blood vessels)
  6. Heart-toxic
  7. Brain-toxic
  8. Endocrine-disruptor
  9. Nerve-toxic (causes neuropathy)
  10. Eye-toxic
  11. Kidney-toxic
  12. Memory-robbing
  13. “Every-other-organ-toxic”

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  • Dr. Ali’s Insulin Course
  • Dr. Ali’s Oxygen Course
  • Dr. Ali’s Fermentation Course

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