Spices for children’s Health

Majid Ali, M.D

Should Children Have Spices? Why Shouldn’t They?

 I am a self-appointed spicologist. I recommend spices for preserving health and reversing metabolic and immune disorders for children.

Start low and build slow. This makes plain sense. Children’s palates, stomachs, and colons tell them what is right for them.

My spice suggestions can be considered in one of the following three ways:

1. Dr. Ali’s Spicey Weight Loss and Anti-diabetes Breakfast Protein Shake

2. Dr. Ali’s Spicey Weight Loss and Anti-diabetes Omelettes

3. Dr. Ali’s Spicey Weight Loss and Anti-diabetes Yogurt.

I develop my recipes for spicey yogurt, spicey omelettes,  and spicey breakfast protein shakes for adults as well as children. I suggest that the amounts and number of spices in yogurt prepared for children be initially reduced and increased when they devleope the taste for spices. I offer my “spicy recommendation” as healthful, low-cost, and time-efficient options for weight loss and prevention of diabetes and related degenerative disorders for:

1. Losing weight or not gaining unwanted weight

2. Preventing and reversing diabetes

3. Preventing and reversing heart disease

4. Preventing and reversing memory loss

5. Preventing, controlling, and reversing chronic inflammatory and immune disorders 6. Preventing premature aging

Complete recipes for my spicey yogurt, omelettes, and protein shake breakfast are presented in articles devoted to these subjects.

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