Who Wants More mamoograms? Whoever Profits From It.

Majid Ali, M.D.

My Answer to the Question in Title Relates to the U.S., Not All Countries

Here is some text from the New York Times of October 29, 2015:

“LAST week, the American Cancer Society announced changes to its influential guidelines for breast cancer r screening. The society no longer recommends that women at average risk between the ages of 40 and 44 have mammograms and advises reducing the frequency of mammograms from every year to every other year for women 55 and older. The group is also recommending ending also recommending ending physical breast examinations by doctors entirely. We profoundly disagree with these changes.”

Who Are the Writers of the Times article?

Three Women who profit from high-frequency mammography. No surprise there. Two are breast radiologists and one is breast surgeon.

Ending Physical Breast Examinations by Doctors Entirely

One question I always ask my patients breast cancer is: who first found the breast lump that proved to be cancerous. Over 70 percent of them told me that they found the lump themselves. The three women writers of The New York Times are silent on the issue. An amazing insensitivity to the real issue.

Kudos to the American cancer Society

Kudos to the American cancer Society for their extraordinary stupidity. It recommends that doctors like me not do the most valuable service they can do – teach women how to do effective breast self-examination.

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