High Estrone With Low Testosterone

  • Majid Ali, M.D.

The Pandemic of Low Testosterone Is Fueled by Insulin Toxicity

A reader asks me to comment on his high blood estrone levels. The lab report actually shows a raised sterone level of 144 pg/mL (normal; range 12 to 72 for his age.)

My simple answer: if his estrone level had really been low, would have been: Estrone is Derived From Testoasterone.  Testosterone deficiency would be expected to give low estrone level.

Testosterone deficiency associated with high estrone raises a different question. In health, some of esterone is further converted into estriol. In states of chronic stress, partial blockade of this step would increase estrone level. It could also represents reversal of the normal enzymatic direction so that some of estriol might be converted back into estrone. In a way, persistent stress on the system “confuses” the system in such a way as to turn uni-directional flow into a bi-directional flow. To cite a specific example, the enzyme which breaks succinic acid down to fumarate and malic acid, reverses its direction with resulting succinate buildup, which I published in 2004.

I anticipate the next question: what causes testosterone deficiency?

Insulin toxicity.

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