Where Does Healing Begin?

Majid Ali, M.D.

Disease Is a State of Separation From One’s Nature


I recognize disease to be a state of separation from one’s nature. I also recognize that healing begins with curiosity. I explain the above with the following simple words:

  1. I recognize curiosity as the mother of imagination;
  2. I know that imagination opens the pathways to exploration;
  3. I find that with exploration we understand the nature of our existence.
  4. I know that we sicken when we are separated from our nature.
  5. My physician’s work has taught me that one begins to heal when one bridges the gap between one’s self and one’s nature.

Life Is An Injury-Healing-Injury Cycle

For us humans, the injury-healing-injury “life-cycle” begins when an egg is fertilized and continues until the last breath. It goes unrecognized in health, except for the students biology. This all changes in chronic illness.

Medical technology of the West, as amazing as it is for acute illness, fails miserably in healing chronic illness. The remedies of the East are very valuable in disease prevention and reversible in many cases. That leaves far too many people suffering and sick in spite of drug treatments of the West and natural remedies of the East.

 How Did people of the Pre-East Heal?

Natural remedies of the East, at best are 5,000 to 8,000 years ago. Some time ago, a simple question arose: How did the people of the “pre-East” – people living 50,000 years ago, 150,000 years ago, or earlier – heal when injured or sickened from any cause? This simple question led me to develop and offer my “Pre-East Course” free-of-cost to all people interested in healing, for themselves or for the people they love and deeply care for.

Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course

 My Pre-East Course comprises the following:

  1. Series of short 5-10 minute videos on Vimeo.com and other video platforms.
  2. Series of TV segments (about thirty minutes long) originally hosted at MNN TV, New York);
  3. Series of articles and commentaries under the following headings at this web site:

3.1   Pre-East Course

3.2   My Shared African Grandmothers

3.3   Being One’s Own Healer

List of Videos

Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 1 – Introduction


Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 2 – With Reverence to the east and the West


Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 3 – Of Darwin and Freud


Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 4 – Rumi, Russel, and the River


Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 5 – Goethe, Nietzsche, and Heidegger


Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 6 – Akbar Azam and Aurangzeb Alaamgir


Dr. Ali’s Pre-east Course     Part 7 – Medical Technology of the West, Remedies of the East,

and Healing of the Pre-East


Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course     Part 8 – Infant and Child Scientists


Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 9 – Buddha, Zoroaster, Confucius, and the Pre-East

Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course     Part 10 – Being in Elements, Breathing, Sensing, Walking

Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course     Part 11 – Science and Philosophy of Rift Valley


TV Series 


* Pre-East Course Part 3 – Looking Thru Prisms of Darwin and Freud


* Pre-East Course Part 4 – Rumi, Russel, and the River



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