Insulin, Cholesterol, Science, and Spirituality

Majid Ali, M.D.

Science is observation. Spirituality Is Making Sense of What Is Observed.


Science and Philosphy of Holism in Healing

Science is observation. Spirituality, it seems to me, is making sense of what is observed. Insulin is the minister of energy and metabolism to king oxygen of the human body.

Why bring insulin, cholesterol, science and spirituality together? For a simple reason: knowing insulin is the way to authentic science and spirituality in healing. Prevailing conversing about cholesterol, by contrast, are mostly misleading, often only deepening the levels of ignorance.

True, Cholesterol Prevents Heart Attacks and strokes.

However, it does so only to the degree that insulin, guided by oxygen, allows it.

I anticipate my words to annoy many people. Others will be curious about where I might be going with it. Below is a brief summary of my life’s work that might interest both groups.

Three Root Causes of Chronic Disease, Three Primary Mechanisms

clinical work and research obas to why Most of them I invite them to consider my free courses on insulin and cholesterol posted on this web site. doctors.

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