Dr. Ali’s Palak-Tiki Recipe

Majid Ali, M.D.

One of Dr. Ali’s Recipes for Health and Healing

Palak-Tiki Recipe

“Palak-Tiki” dinner, as prepared below, is an inexpensive, low-calorie, highly nutritious, and delicious dinner choice to be included in Dr. Ali’s Insulin Reduction Diet Plan. The ingredients listed below are sufficient for cooking eight palak-tikis. These tikis keep well for up to seven days in a refrigerator, when properly and individually saran-wrapped.

Ingredients for Sixteen Palak-Tiki Dinners

1. Frozen chopped spinach (Palak) Net weight 48 ounces
2. Bason (gram powder available at Pakistinian and Indian stores) Two ounces
(potato powder may be used instead of gram powder)*
3. Cumin powder One tablespoon
4. Cayenne pepper One and one-half teaspoons
5. Salt One and one-half teaspoons (or to your taste)
6. Fresh grated ginger root Four ounces
7. Eggs, organic Two large
8. Lemon juice Four tablespoons
9. Extra virgin olive oil Three ounces

Cooking Directions

1. Boil spinach (palak) with two cups of water on slow heat until softened, and squeeze out excess water.
2. Add potato powder and knead all of the above, except olive oil and eggs, to make (add “a”)dough.
3. Make sixteen round tikis (like meat patties) using all of the dough.
4. Dip the palak-tiki in beaten eggs and allow the extra egg to drip.
5. Heat the skillet with a thin layer of olive oil in it.
6. Fry on medium heat to a dark brown color both sides.
7. Serve with your choice of sauce or squeeze one-half lemon (to your taste) on it.
8. Saran-wrap unconsumed palak-tikis (removing all air out) individually after they have cooled and refrigerate. Enjoy for up to one week.

For serving refrigerated palak-tikis, warm in a skillet lightly smeared with olive oil or re-heat it in a toaster oven.

* Potato powder adds only about one teaspoon of starch per tiki.


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