Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course Part 2 – With Reverence to the West and the East

Majid Ali, M.D.

We Know Much About the Philosophy and Healing of the West and the East.

Might There Have Been the Philosophy and Healing of the Pre-East?


One Physician’s Journeys Through the West, the East, and Then the  Pre-East

 Pre-East of My Imagination

  • Pre-control-craze
  • Pre-gender suppression
  • Pre-spiritual splits
  • Pre-colonial
  • Pre-merchants-of-faith
  • Pre-corporate-deception
  • Pre-ideological-distortion

Brief CV of Majid Ali, M.D.

Academic Appointment

* Professor of Medicine, Emeritus      1996-to 2005

Capital University of Integrative Medicine

Washington, D.C.

* Associate Professor of Pathology (Adj.)

Columbia University College of Physicians      1982-1999

& Surgeons, New York City

* Instructor and Special Lecturer, Department of Pathology

Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Dentistry 1969-73

Teaneck, New Jersey

Professional Certification

* Diplomate, American Board of Clinical  Certification Pathology                 1972

* Diplomate, American Board of Surgical  Certification Pathology                1972

* Diplomate, American Board of   Certification Environmental Medicine       1991

* Diplomate, American Board of Chelation  Certification Therapy                1992

* Fellow of the American College of Pathologists                                      1976

* Fellow of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine                   1990

Published Books in Print and Digital Formats                                  37

Published Articles Books in Print and Digital Formats                      184

Recipes and Top-Seven Series

Please do not forget to try my healing recipes and my Top-Seven segment relevant to your specific health problem.  All this is posted on this web site.

List of Videos

Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 1 – Introduction


Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 2 – With Reverence to the east and the West


Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 3 – Of Darwin and Freud


Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 4 – Rumi, Russel, and the River


Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 5 – Goethe, Nietzsche, and Heidegger


Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 6 – Akbar Azam and Aurangzeb Alaamgir


Dr. Ali’s Pre-east Course     Part 7 – Medical Technology of the West, Remedies of the East,

and Healing of the Pre-East


Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course     Part 8 – Infant and Child Scientists


Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course      Part 9 – Buddha, Zoroaster, Confucius, and the Pre-East

Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course     Part 10 – Being in Elements, Breathing, Sensing, Walking

Dr. Ali’s Pre-East Course     Part 11 – Science and Philosophy of Rift Valley


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