Top Seven Nutrients for Diabetes Prevention and Reversal

Majid Ali, M.D.

Supplementation Should Be Monitored with Lab Tests After Six Months

An Important Note

My Guidelines for Tope Seven Nutrients Should Be Accompanied By Dr. Ali’s Gut Fermentation Protocol (do a search for it at this site).

Top Seven Nutrient Guidelines

All to be aaaTaken 3-4 days a week


Vitamins D 3000 to 5000, test for levels twice yearly

Thiamin (vitamin B1) 200 – 300 mg daily


Chromium (500 to 750 mcg) three times a day

Vanadium (5-10 mg)

Magnesium (500 to 750 mg daily

Potassium, 100 to 250 mg daily

Oxystatic Nutrient

Coenzyme Q10 (100-300 mg daily

Alpha-lipoic acid (100 to 150 mg)

Acetyl L Carnitine Plus Arginine (250 mg of each 3-4 days a week)


One-third to one-half teaspoon of powder


One tablespoon, a nutrient of choice for liver detox (best taken with Dr. Ali’s Breakfast Shake)


Turmeric, ginger, garlic, cayenne, onions (best taken as Dr. Ali’s Spicy Smoothie and Omelettes, use search box to get recipes)


Breathe in normally, breathe out slowly, as often as desired (often, that is)

Walking Meditation

Don’y forget it, please! It is one of the best nutrient for the soul

For More Info, please consider Dr. Ali’s Protocol for Reversing Diabetes (book is available at



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