Dr. Ali’s Insulin Toxicity Course – An Introduction

Insulin Toxicity – Ignored At A Heavy Price
Majid Ali, M.D.

The subject of insulin toxicity is almost universally ignored by doctors. Insulin-toxic individuals pay a huge price for such neglect.

 Dr. Ali’s Insulin Course posted at http://www.alidiabetes.org

Following is the outline of subjects discussed in my book on reversing diabetes.

1. Introduction
2. Insulin Toxicity and Denial
3. The Window of Opportunity Closed to People
4. Insulin Signals
5. Insulin Resistance: The Crank and Crank-shaft Model
6. Insulin: A Perfect Molecular Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
7. Insulin Toxicity Is Fattening
8. Insulin Toxicity Causes Cellular Fatigue
9. Insulin Toxicity Is Strongly Proinflammatory
10. Insulin Toxicity Weakens Immunity
11. Insulin Toxicity Increases the Frequency and Intensity of Infections
12. Insulin Toxicity Leads to Hormonal and Degenerative Disorders
13. Insulin Toxicity Sets the Stage for Cancer
14. Insulin Toxicity Causes Premature Aging
15. Diabetes: An Insulin Wasting Disorder
16. Syndrome X and the Metabolic Syndrome: Obsolete Terms That Must be Discarded
17. Insulin-wasting and Non-insulin-wasting Forms of Diabetes
18. Insulin Toxicity and The Unifying Oxygen Model of Insulin Disorders
19. To Conserve Insulin Is to Prevent Amputations, Dialysis, Heart attacks, and Stroke
20. Childhood Obesity: a Thermodynamic Dysequilibrium (TDD) State
21. Can I Discontinue Insulin Injections?
22. Closing Comments

I have addressed this subject at length in my book titled “Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabete.” This book can be downloaded for about ten dollars from http://www.18006336226.com or be purchased as a print copy by calling 1-800-633-6226.

Science, Health, and Healing Video Encyclopedia

Insulin toxicity is inflaming and fattening. It damages all cellular populations in the body. It sets the stage for obesity, pre-diabetes, and diabetes with all its complication. For these and other reasons, I offer a channel of close to 75 videos on the subject on my YouTube Science, Health, and Healing Encyclopedia. I invite readers to consider it as a source of information.
Insulin Institute Website

Nearly all subjects listed above are also presented on my website titled http://www.insulininstitute.org. For more information on the various aspects of insulin toxicity, I refer the reader to this source of insulin. Here is a simple question to vet your appetite: What is prediabetes? The answer: insulin toxicity. Here is another question: What is diabetes Type 2 for most people in the first five to ten years of their illness? The answer: insulin toxicity. If you are puzzled by my answers and really want to be knowledgeable about the subject, read everything on www.insulininstitute.org.

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