A Precious Gift For a Woman You Love – Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Or …

Majid Ali, M.D.

A Gift of Love, Compassion, and Knowledge

In my book Breast and Prostate Cancer (2006), I predicted that one in five female babies born will develop breast cancer and one in three males will come down with prostate cancer. I based my prediction on my study of the trends in the rising incidence of these hormon-dependent cancers. Ten years later, these incidences continue to rise.

A No-Cost Gift That Keeps Giving

Here is my suggestion: Study my Breast Health and Cancer Course with your mother, sister, cousin, friend, or significant other. Of course, you will benefit as much as your study-partner. The course is FREE and you can choose your own pace of study.

How will this course benefit you? How will this course benefit you study-partner? How will what you learn improve your health? And prevent other cancers? Only you and your study-partner can answer these questions.

How Do You Take This Course?

Enter the words “Breast Health and Cancer Course” in the search box of this web site, at the upper right corner of this field.

The titles of articles and selected videos are listed at the end of this invitation.

A Gift of Love and Compassion

If someone you know and deeply care for has breast cancer, now or had it in the past, this course could be a priceless gift of care and compassion. I will grow and keep giving in learning, understanding, and knowing. When we learn something valuable, we can never unlearn it.

Breast and Prostate cancer – Eco-monsters and Onco-monsters

My book published by Canary 21 Press, New York is available at http://www.aliacademy.org.

List of Course Articles

  1. Top Seven for Breast Health and Cancer Prevention
  2. Ali’s IBER Method of Self-Examination (IBER: Ignore-the-breast-examine-the-breast)
  3. Ali’s Breast Castor-Rub Guidelines
  4. Mammography Truths and Untruths
  5. Do Natural Estrogens Cause Breast Cancer
  6. How Valuable is Aromasin for Breast Cancer?
  7. Ali’s Oxygen Model of Caancer
  8. Ali’s Oxygen Protocol Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer
  9. Think Twice Before for Breast Surgery for Two Non-Invasive Breast Growths
  10. Saying No to Breast Cancer Surgery When It Does Not Save Lives
  11. Breast Surgery for Treating Fear
  12. A Gift for a Woman You Love – Sister, Mother, Daughter, Friend, Or …

Course Videos

Fear and Anger Pat 7 – Beyond Psyche


The So-Called Lobular Cancer of Breast Is Not Cancer


Is Ductal In-situ Breast Cancer a True Cancer?


Will I Still Get Breast Cancer If I Do Castor Oil Breast Rubs?


Best Wishes for Health and Healing

May you be gracious, graceful, and generous

 My library of videos appears at http://www.vimeo.com.

Dr. Ali’s Books, DVDs, and Video Seminars

My DVDs, video seminars, and other learning materials on the subjects of breast cancer and other cancers are available at http://www.aliacademy.org.

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