Mammography Truths and Mistruths

Majid Ali, M.D.

Top Seven Things to Know About Mammography


Which Mammography Truth Would You Prefer?

For decades, people have had several choices in “mammography truths.” Even a cursory look at articles on screening mammography in the news media—The New York Times, C-Span, CNN, and others—attest to the diversity, uncertainty, and confusion. Such reports always omit what I consider to be the single most important element in this discussion: Nearly ninety percent of my patients with breast cancer detected their own tumor lumps— not their doctors, not mammograms, not ultrasound scans, not MRI scans. Nor do such reports seriously address the problem of the biologic cost of unnecessary breast biopsies done for false mammogram readings or breast disease and cancers caused by annual and cumulative radiation. Here is the range of mammography truths:


people can accept the truth of those who profit from mammography. This is the most widely accepted truth and is easy to understand since the profit-makers (the all-powerful radiology mega-industry) have the most dollars for advertising their truth and influencing lapdog Joes (journalistic lapdogs who are too tired to dig the scientific facts on their own). They, mammography profiteers, recommend annual screening mammography and commonly require more than one mammograms during the year in many cases. They show little, if any, interest in the dangers of yearly and cumulative exposures to radiation. They do not want to know how such radiation may contribute to the development of breast cancer.


there is the truth of diligent record keepers—scientists from Scandinavia have been most diligent—which is most ignored because these workers have no dollars for ads. Their truth is that lives saved by routine mammography in various large long-term studies range from zero percent to two percent.


there is the voice of American pathologists—in reality no voice at all—that expresses little more than reluctant compliance. Privately, most pathologists who carefully review the mammography literature come up empty-handed. However, opposing radiologists is tedious for pathologists since pathology and radiology are seen as sister-specialities in hospitals. Why enter a controversy that yields nothing but can cause much grief?


there is the truth of government panels comprising various medical specialities and statistics scientists. They consistently express serious doubts about the value of screening and point out the cost of false results in terms of fear, unnecessary biopsies, and resource utilization.


there is the truth of the “unheard truths” of women who discover their breast cancers after they are given false security of negative mammograms. Such women never make the pages of the newspaper that prints all the news that’s fit to print.


there is the truth of the loud voices of women who extol the benefits of mammograms in the belief that their tumors could not have been detected by any other means—an argument which has validity but in a very small number of cases.


there is my truth: Why do doctors, the American Cancer Society, and breast cancer activists NOT focus on teaching effective breast self-examination so women can detect their cancers early. I point out that surgical removal of Stage 1 breast cancer offers women an over 98 percent chance of ridding themselves of the cancer forever.

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