How to Take Dr. Ali’s FREE Health and Healing Courses

Majid Ali, M.D.

Here Are East Steps to Begin

Directory of Web Sites


Steps to Download FREE Articles and Videos

  1.  Choose one of the above websites
  2.  Use the “search box” to search for the disese/disorder of your interest
  3.  Scan all entries first without clicking at the red box for getting the full article
  4.  Choose articles by preference and download.
  5.  Suggestions for DVDs, books, and videos are included in the articles included in the course
  6.  If you come across terms that you do not know, simply ignore them. In most cases you will find explanation of the term and get the sense of the material as you proceed. Of course, you can Google the term with my “majid ali, m.d.” and you should find videos or articles that explain it.

Best Wishes for Health and Healing

May you be gracious, graceful, and generous


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