Dr. Ali’s IBER Method of Breast Self-Exam

Majid Ali, M.D.

Ignore-the-Nrest-Examine-the Ribs (IBER) Method of Self Examination

Nearly every woman has cysts in her breast.

Most women also have calcium deposits in their mammary tissues. Pathologists recognize microscopic changes of inflammation in nearly all breast specimens. Inflammation causes more cysts and increases the risk of breast cancer. So, its elimination or reduction is important in this age of a pandemic of breast cancer.

In my clinical experience, no single measure reduces inflammation in the breast more often and more effectively than topical castor oil rubs on the breasts, underarm, and adjacent regions. It is safe and inexpensive. Skin sensitivity to castor oil in my patients has been very rare.

How to Perform IBER Breast Self-examination

Below are the steps of the IBER self examination:

  1. Perform the IBER procedure while you are soaped up in the bathroom.
  2. Use four fingers of your hand (right or left) to do IBER exam.
  3. Begin at the periphery (outer areas) of the breast and move your fingers in a circular way to the central region of the breast, covering every part of the breast.
  4. Gently push the breast tissue away and firmly roll your fingers over the ribs beneath the breast tissues.
  5. Breast cancer lumps are usually hard, painless, and feel like a small rock under a rug. In nearly all early cases, the cancerous masses in the breast are not tender.
  6. Repeat the examination after you have examined both breasts. This is essential also for women who have lost one or both breasts to cancer to detect local recurrence.
  7. When soft and sensitive lumps (cysts and fibrous tissue) are found, gently stretch them over the ribs and focus on how these sensitive areas blend with non-sensitive healthy breast tissues. This usually helps to distinguish benign from malignant masses.
  8. Using the tips of your four fingers, perform the IBER procedure on the fatty tissue in the underarm (armpit) region, again by rolling fingertips on the underlying ribs.
  9. Gently squeeze the tissues of the nipple to check for any expressed fluid.

Bring to the attention of your doctor any suspicious areas discovered with IBER procedure.

Dr. Ali’s Library of Guidelines for Breast Health and Breast Cancer Library

In my library of articles, DVDs, and videos, I  provide information so individuals interested in preserving breast health and facing the breast cancer treatment decisions can make informed decision. My guidelines are not a substitute for full evaluation by an experienced physician.

List of Articles

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 Dr. Ali’s Series of Videos on Breast Cancer

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My library of videos appears at http://www.vimeo.com


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