Top Seven for Preparing And Complete Recovery After Knee Surgery

Majid Ali, M.D.

Technology Makes Surgery Safe.  

The Challenge Is to Make the Patient Safe From and – When Necessary – For Surgery.

Top Seven for Bone-Ligament-Muscle Surgery Series

This article belongs to a series of articles in which I offer information about what may be done to strengthen tissues for tolerating the stress of surgery and to facilitate speedy and full recovery.

Safety First

I am a surgeon, a Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons (England) and a surgical pathologist. I ecognize the sanctity of the surgical field. It is important that doctors should not interfere with the surgical field until such time that the operating surgeon considers the internal wounds to have healed.

I suggest that individuals interested in using any of my guidelines given below to consider them under the supervision of their surgeons.

The Golden Rule

Never to use a natural remedy which stresses or causes discomfort/pain to tissues affected by the surgical field. For my patients considering knee surgical procedures, I have the following goals (links to articles for details follow the list of top seven):

  1. To provide strong nutritional support.
  2. To improve the muscle tone of muscles of the knee, hip, and ankle joints of both sides.
  3. To use natural remedies to improve lymphatic and venous drainage in both legs.
  4. To teach my patients simple slow breathing methods for reducing pain and healing.

Top Seven

(Links to articles for details follow the list)

  1. Avoid all foods with sugar, fruits, and fruit juices for one week before and one week after the surgical procedure
  2. Ali’s Breakfast (not a product, but guidelines)
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) foot soaks twice daily
  4. Castor oil rubs over areas above and below the knee joint.
  5. Gentle, high-frequency stretching with a resistance cords and/or trampoline (always gentle enough not to cause discomfort, let alone pain)
  6. Stress control and improved sleep with prayer, meditation, kindness for others, and other ways to avoid head fixation.
  7. Minerals, vitamin, and other nutrients of high value (listed below).

My Top  Seven Recommendations

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