Going Gluten-Free Or Insulin-Smart

Majid Ali, M.D.

Going Gluten-Free Will Help A very Few. Going Insulin-Smart Will Help Everyone

Gluten-free for Short-Term, Insulin Wise for Long-Term

In my Gluten-free Series, I marshal a large body of information to explain why a very few people benefit long-term from going gluten-free in the long-term. By contrast, in my FREE Insulin Course posted on http://www.alidiabetes.org, I establish why every human alive is at a high risk of insulin toxicity. It also explains, how everyone benefits from insulin-smart eating in the long-term.

I should also point out that going gluten-free costs much more than eating insulin-smart.

Insulin and Gluten Videos

Below, I include links to my video series on the subjects of gluten and insulin to presnt evidence to support of my view.

For detailed information, please read my articles on both subjects at this site (use search box at the top of the field to access them).

Gluten Video Series

Gluten Sensitiivity or Gut Fermentation With Leaky Gut State


 Does Gluten Cause Dementia Part One


Leaky Mitochondrial Membrane State



Insulin Toxicity Series





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