Gluten Video Series

Majid Ali, M.D.

The Gluten Issue Is a Big Problem, But Not Reasons Dear to Corporate Foods

My full discussion of this subject in a video series deserves your attention, for yourself as well as for your children.

Gluten Series

The Gluten-Fermentation-Diabetes Connections

If You Feel Better by Going Gluten-Free, You Are Fermenting?

Are You Gluten-Sensitive or Gut-Fermented?

Are You Gluten Sensitive or Insulin Toxic?

Gluten-Free to Diabetes

Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease – Why I Never Diagnose Them with a Biopsy

Why Don’t I Diagnose Gluten Sensitivity or Celiac Disease With Blood Antibody Tests?

Beware of Gluten Mistruths

Gluten Sensitiivity or Gut Fermentation With Leaky Gut State

Does Gluten Cause Dementia Part One

Leaky Mitochondrial Membrane State

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